Emojis and Jobs

You may be wondering what emojis and jobs have in common. Well, wonder no more!

Today, July 17, is “World Emoji Day.” [It’s not Ninja Day, but we’ll get to that.] Really. Don’t believe me? Here’s the official page. Coincidentally, I recently learned a little more about the “Unicode Consortium“. Yes, you read that correctly. I did not say “Unicorn Consortium”, although that might be more festive. You can even visit their virtual museum here.

What does the Unicode Consortium have to do with emojis? They are actually the governing body of these cute little critters. Yes, even emojis have standards!

Emojis and Jobs

What does this have to do with jobs, you ask? Well. What I’ve realized is how very many jobs are out there that the average person doesn’t think about. Things appear in our lives every day: Emojis. Cruise Ships. Ninjas. Imagine being part of the wonderful world of emojis, and getting paid for it! Can’t you just picture your next cocktail party conversation?

“So, what do you do?”
“I design emojis.”

New job
Your job will not involve this conference room
Nurses and Ninjas

Stay with me here. Recently, I was on a flight, seated next to a nurse. But this was no ordinary nurse! No, this was a nurse whose job (job! She gets PAID for this) is to work with cruise ships to ensure that they are compliant with health regulations. The way it works is she goes on a cruise and inspects the ships for compliance. Then she comes home, makes all her friends jealous, and then goes on another cruise. I couldn’t believe this was a thing! Had I known this, I might have tried harder to overcome my non-nurturing tendencies and gone to nursing school.

Now, a word about ninjas. First, Ninja Day may or may not be on December 5, but I couldn’t find reliable confirmation of this. If you can, please comment so that we can enlighten the world. Now, to the jobs: there is an actual shortage of ninja performers. This is not a drill; according to a recent Planet Money podcast, Japan has a shortage of these. Pack your bags!

So, there you have it. Three jobs you probably didn’t know existed. The world is truly your oyster! ⧉

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