Hi! I’m Dawne Richards. Thanks for stopping by; here’s a little more information about me.

I’ve called myself “Coach Dawne” as a (mostly) tongue-in-cheek reference to my experience in a wide range of life events. I’ve got a wealth of experience in many different areas, both personal and professional, but it’s not always clear to me what I’ve learned from my mistakes, so maybe you can! Kidding. I’ve learned many valuable lessons that I’m happy to share with you. Also, I do enjoy humor, even (and perhaps especially) when it’s at my own expense. Life is pretty grim without the ability to laugh at yourself.

Who am I, Really? Is it Really All About Me?

No, this isn’t an existential question, at least not yet. And while this particular post may be all “about me”, that’s only so you get a better idea of who you’re dealing with. I want this site to be all about you, in that you have a quick laugh, learn a new way of looking at something, or get great advice, which might mean not doing something that I’ve already done. My activities usually serve as a warning, so take heed.

You can find various versions of my real bio all over the internet, from my website to my LinkedIn profile; the list goes on and on and it’s all available on this site anyway.

If you want the short version (and who doesn’t?), here it is, in no particular order: I’m a mom of three, happily married to a saint (not an actual saint, just to be clear), senior executive, writer, community “activist” (in a civil and hopefully productive manner, thank you very much), animal lover, curmudgeon (on occasion) whose Life Motto is “Find the humor in all situations.” Ok, maybe not ALL. But if you think about it, most things in life are eventually funny. I believe that life is more enjoyable if you can find the humor in your current situation. Sometimes that might offend people. My response: #sorrynotsorry.

We live in Pompano Beach, Florida, an awesome beach town that I love, love, love. Usually.

Oh, Did I Offend You?

No, really. If I DO offend you, please let me know. Just be sure to use correct spelling and proper grammar; misuse of either actually does offend me. While I’m on the subject, please do your part to save the English language by installing the (free) Grammarly tool. You’ll not only look smarter to the world, but you’ll join the movement to save abused words (if there isn’t such a movement, there should be).

You can also read my monthly column in Pompano! magazine.

Happy reading!⧉