How to Use Food to Describe Everything in Life

Don’t think you can use food to describe everything in life? Clearly, you’re not Greek. Most Greeks are obsessed with food; my family is no exception. For Greeks, food is comfort, culture, history, tradition, life itself. This is why we so often sabotage our healthy eating habits. And yeah, yeah, the Mediterranean diet – here’s the deal: the Greeks who came to the U.S. kept those habits, for sure, but they also added festive things – like two-minute fudge. Keep reading…

I first recognized the global application of food as color descriptor when I was about ten years old. My aunt had just gotten a new car; she was excitedly describing it on the phone.

Me: “What color is it?”
Aunt: “Chocolate, with a caramel roof.”
How to Use Food to Describe Everything in Life
Chocolate and caramel – need I say more? Photo by Ahmed Aqtai from Pexels.

Man, I could just taste that car. But even at the age of ten, I knew this was weird. I shouldn’t have been surprised, though; this is the aunt who introduced us to the magic of two-minute fudge (visit Genius Kitchen for an excellent recipe). It wasn’t the recipe itself, though, that took me by surprise, although finding out that you could actually MAKE FUDGE without cooking, and do it in two minutes, was life-changing. No, it was my aunt’s response when I asked what we would do if the fudge didn’t harden as promised. “Well,” she advised, “Who cares? Just grab a spoon and eat it.”

Of course! Why did it matter if it was firm fudge? Really, chocolatey goodness is chocolatey goodness.

Let’s Use Food to Describe All.the.Colors

This got me thinking – wouldn’t it be fun if we just used food to describe the colors of everything? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bedroom: The walls are lemon, with blueberry trim.
  • Bike: It’s cherry, with caviar accents (really, how many black foods are there? Would you have preferred I use “squid ink”?)
  • Car: It’s lime, with a vanilla interior.
  • Couch: It’s oatmeal, with cotton candy pillows.
  • Shower curtain: It’s grape, with sour cream fringe.

Great. Now I’m starving. You’re welcome.

Got a fun way to describe the colors of something using food? Let me know in the comments.⧉

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