Welcome to my inaugural post!

Top Five Reasons You Should Read This Blog:

  1. It’s called “coachdawne” because I’m pretty sure that many moments in my life should serve as a warning to others. The image below is in fact one of my favorite from the vast and wonderful collection of items at despair.com and no, I’m not one of their “partners.” I’ve posted this image, and a link to their site, because I happen to think they’re awesome. Also, partnering with them might bring me money, which I’m allergic to.Welcome to my life! This is one of my favorites from despair.com
  2. You enjoy humor. Well, ok, you enjoy my brand of humor. I can’t say much about that except that if you come back, you must enjoy it! Either that or you’re a virtumasochist (yes, I just made up that word. At least, I think I did.)
  3. You can’t wait to read more about the life of someone who’s heard “I’ve never seen anything like that before!” more times than you would think possible. Really, when I pass on, I’m half-seriously contemplating having that carved on my headstone. No matter the issue – computer problems, health concerns, car issues – I’ve heard “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before” all of my life.
  4. You don’t yet have enough evidence that there are others out there whose lives are crazier than yours (and if that’s true, I suggest you get immediate help).
  5. You’re bored, despite the myriad ways we now have to entertain ourselves. Again, see the advice in #4.

Top Five Reasons I Chose to Write This Blog

    1. I’ve got a lot to say. About everything. I was a late talker, but when I did finally begin speaking at the age of 2 1/2, it was in complete sentences – and I’ve never looked back.
    2. This is, like, my fifth go at a blog. I can’t even find the first four, but I decided it’s time to get really serious about this, and I can tell you that at this point, I’ve had a lot of practice and this fifth one is sort of like that fifth pancake – much better than the first four. Trust me.
    3. In my years on earth, I’ve given birth to three (mostly) wonderful children, enjoyed a great career, started a few businesses, founded a civic association, and generally experienced the same struggles as so many of us – death, divorce, financial disasters, you name it. Writing about life is absolutely therapeutic. Plus it’s mostly free.

      This is not me – it’s a complete stranger. Thank you, WordPress and GoDaddy, for the wealth of appropriate stock photos.
    4. I can’t sit still. So creating and nurturing this blog gives me something to do, because otherwise I might have to, you know, relax, a four-letter word if I ever heard one.
    5. I find everyday life fascinating! And I look forward to sharing that fascination with others, and maybe brightening your day just a teeny bit. ⧉



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2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Hello Mr. Talty! Thanks so much for the kind words! – Lots of love, Coach Dawne.

  2. Hey Coach Dawne. I really enjoyed your three posts! Your personality comes right through… as if you can even try to mask it. Best of luck and lots of love!

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