How Many Flooring Choices Can There Be?

Well, here we are, in Week Four of Makeover Mondays! We’re making slow but steady progress.

Last week, we arrived at Mr. C’s shop. He wasn’t there; he’s probably hiding from me. Hopefully, we don’t cause his employee to quit. I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to tell him about our IKEA trip and I deliberately didn’t post last week’s story on my personal Facebook page for fear he’d see it.

Speaking of Facebook, someone in a restoration group that I’m in answered a question I posed in early October. I bet you know where this is going, right? Yes!

More choices!

The poster directed me to Johnsonite Moonstone, except that doesn’t exist. Silver Moon, however, does, and I confirmed that Silver Moon was the correct recommendation. (By the way, it’s Johnsonite. Or Tarkett. This remains unclear to me, and I bet I’m not the only one.) I wonder about offering them my branding services – for free, of course, because I’m still allergic to money.

The poster said that it looks like terrazzo and was super easy to install, and that they then sealed it with commercial flooring sealant, so it’s very easy maintenance. Oh boy. We’re in trouble.

Here it is:

Silver Moon flooring
Johnsonite Silver Moon flooring

I’m instantly in love. Luckily, I’m saved by the installation method, which is glue-down. No glue-down for us! Mr. C: You’re welcome.

Facebook Groups are the best!

Word of advice: I’m in several similar Facebook groups (shocking!) and the amount of help and knowledge I’ve gotten is invaluable. I highly recommend joining groups that cover your areas of interest in terms of home furnishings, remodeling, etc. They’re almost always run by professionals in the field, and there’s a real sense of community.

I Supported Nonprofits

I was growing concerned that we won’t have enough to pack up from our first floor (hahaha!) so I visited a few local thrift stores. Lo and behold, behind one of them was a flooring place I’ve never seen before. Lucky for Mr. C., they didn’t have anything that will work in our home. And I limited my purchases to a few small decorative items.

What? They’ll hardly take up any room in the boxes!

Christmas Palace

Sorry, but no Christmas season is complete without a trip to The Christmas Palace. And I wasn’t going to buy more stu- ok I’m lying. I mean, it was 40% off retired items! But the real draw was the live demonstrations of how to make your own Christmas Village.

This is great, especially since if we stick to the schedule, we won’t be decorating for Christmas this year. But that means we need even more stuff for outside, right? Right???

To say “decorating for Christmas” is sort of the understatement of the year. We go CRAZY. There’s almost no surface or wall left unscathed, with the possible exception of the bathtub, which ooh! Gives me an id- NO. Just, no.

Here’s a small sampling of prior years:

Here’s a video of the village:

Here’s a video of – yes – the rotating (!) Christmas tree. Best.thing.ever. And really fun to decorate, because you just wait for a bare spot to come around to you! Also, no more worrying about how to enjoy the ornaments on the back of the tree.

If you want to know more about how we built the village, or our tree, let me know! I could go on and on and on and on…

But this year, I fully expect our house to be in complete disarray at Christmas. Walls torn down. Flooring going in.

As of this writing, we still haven’t shown Mr. C. the IKEA and Facebook ideas – hahahaha! I’m totally lusting after that wall oven combo – more about how that goes next week:

Are you reading this, Mr. C? I hope not. So far, I’m still not sure you know quite what you’re in for.⧉

What do you think? Should we attempt a holiday village outside???

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